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There are several ways to start your own babysitting business; and with your own business, you can generate cash and exert your financial independence. Just about every parent seeks reliable child care, but daycare centers can be expensive. With that said, parents don’t usually mind hiring responsible teens or young adults to care for their youngsters during the day, the evenings or on the weekends. So, there's money to be made in the babysitting business. Here are seven simple ways to start your own babysitting business.

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Get Special Training

Getting training is one of the best ways to start your own babysitting business. Some community centers and lifestyle centers have babysitting classes. In these classes, you'll learn a variety of things, from the proper way to care for children and infants to CPR training. Although taking a course isn’t required to babysit children, the fact that you have special training can put parents at ease, and it’ll be easier to find clients.


Determine an Age

When setting up your babysitting business, determine the age group you want to work with. Some people are more comfortable working with babies and infants, whereas others prefer toddlers and older children. If you're not sure the best age group, offer to babysit a friend or relative’s child. This can help you decide whether you’ll work best with infants or older children.


Set Your Rates

Babysitting rates vary depending on the age of the children. For example, you might charge $5 per hour and $5 per child. Do your research. You need to keep your rates competitive. You won't earn enough money if you charge too little, and if you charge too much, parents may look elsewhere for quality care.


Spread the Word

Once you're ready to accept clients, you’ll need to spread the word. You can print and pass out flyers in your neighborhood, put an ad online or use social media to get the word out. Also, ask your clients to recommend your services to other parents.


Create a Contract

Even if you're only looking to generate extra spending cash, it's important to have a contract between you and your clients. You can download a babysitting contract from the Internet. This agreement outlines rules and regulations, hours of service and payment terms. This way, there is no confusion or misunderstanding between you and the parents.


Keep Good Records

If you're running a babysitting business, you may have to pay income taxes on the money earned from the business. Therefore, you’ll need to keep accurate financial records. Open a separate savings account and deposit about 25% of your earnings into this account for taxes. Also, make sure you keep receipts for any supplies you buy for the business, such as toys or food.


Make Sure Your Home is Safe

You may provide services at a client’s home. But if the children will come to your home, make sure your home is safe and kid-friendly. There shouldn't be any sharp edges, and you should cover electrical outlets and lock cabinets that contain chemicals.

A babysitting business can be a fun way to earn extra cash, which comes in handy if you want to save up for a car or pay your personal expenses. But with any business, you need a plan and you need to be organized. What are other helpful tips for setting up a babysitting business?

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Making sure you're home is child care efficient should be the first on the list...

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