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7 Simple Ways to Stay Positive when Times Get Tough ...

By Valencia

Although challenging, there are ways to stay positive when times get tough. You might be dealing with employment issues, which trickle down and affect your personal finances. And if your creditors constantly call, and your debt steadily increases, you may feel stuck. However, there are simple ways to stay positive when times get tough.

1 Be Grateful for What You Have

Being grateful is one of the best ways to stay positive when times get tough. Your life might not go according to plan, and you might have too many problems and not enough solutions. But somewhere, there's someone dealing with way more than you. Keep this in mind, and you might be able to lift your spirits.

2 Take the Focus off of Yourself

If you sit around focusing on your problems, you're going to feel miserable. However, if you take the focus off of yourself and help others, you’ll not only feel better, it’ll be easier to appreciate what you have. For example, maybe you can volunteer at a local soup kitchen, the hospital or another organization and help people in your community.

3 Exercise

Believe it or not, but exercising is one way to lift your spirits. It might be the last thing you feel like doing, but with a regular exercise routine, you’ll increase your body's production of endorphins — feel-good hormones. As a result, you'll be able to deal with stress and anxiety, and you'll be able to stay positive despite everything going on in your life. Get a gym membership, ride your bike, power walk, play a sport or participate in another favorite activity.

4 Be Creative

Our brains can only focus on one thing at a time. Therefore, if you're feeling down, engaging in a creative activity might take your mind off your problems. There are several activities to consider. Draw a picture, start scrapbooking, plant a garden or explore a new talent.

5 Avoid Negative Language

The mind is powerful. And if you think negatively and voice negativity, this is going to make you feel even worse. However, if you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, it'll be easier to keep a smile on your face and get through your issues with ease.

6 Avoid Negative People

Also, limit contact with negative people. Your surroundings play a huge role in how you feel and think. If your friends are always complaining, or if they don't encourage you, this can rub off on you and deepen your depression. And when you're surrounded by negativity, you don’t have the power to change your situation.

7 Get Support

Don't handle problems alone. If you don’t see a way out of your situation, find a support system — your spouse, a sibling, a parent or a good friend. Let this person know how you're feeling, and ask for support. Get together with this person, and maybe she can take your mind off your issues. Go to dinner, to the movies, exercise together or participate in an activity together.

It’s hard to stay positive when your life doesn’t go according to plan. However, you shouldn't let your problems have too much control over how you feel each day. It’s difficult, but you can keep a smile on your face. How do you stay positive when things get tough?

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