7 Skills Your Resume Needs to Have ...

By Kyra

7 Skills  Your Resume  Needs to Have  ...

There are some skills your resume needs. Job hunting is stressful. You really have to put your best foot forward. But having the right resume for the job will make it a lot smoother. These are some skills that are impressive for almost any job you might apply for. Here are the skills your resume needs.

Table of contents:

  1. writing experience
  2. excel proficiency
  3. english and spanish speaking
  4. data entry
  5. customer service experience
  6. leadership experience
  7. any form of certification

1 Writing Experience

In almost any job that you apply for, there will be writing involved. Showing that you have a history of professional or collegiate level writing will strengthen your case. Employers want to know that you will be able to maintain an appropriate professional quality to your writing, making this one of the top skills your resume needs.

2 Excel Proficiency

Excel demonstrates a basic ability to code, program, and the ability to learn difficult skills as well as mathematical and problem-solving abilities. It shows employers that you are capable and resourceful no matter the job that you are applying for. Beyond that, almost every company will utilize excel in some way or another.

3 English and Spanish Speaking

You don’t even have to be fluent in Spanish. But picking up some conversational Spanish can be a huge asset in the business world. Being bilingual can lead to more and better job opportunities.

4 Data Entry

This is a skill that will be valuable for every job you apply for. It’s something that sounds really impressive and is ridiculously easy to get experience in. Have you ever filled out a form for another job? There’s your data entry experience.

5 Customer Service Experience

Customer service experience shows that you have strong people skills and an ability to problem solve. It also shows employers that you can handle the pressures of their position because no matter what the position is, it isn’t as bad as customer service.

6 Leadership Experience

This can be as simple as a leadership position in your high school club. It just shows that you are comfortable in a managerial role and that you are capable of effectively leading others.

7 Any Form of Certification

Even if the certification isn’t applicable to the job that you are applying for it shows that you are certifiable. You understand the process of certification, and that you are capable of and enjoy expanding in the position that you are hired for.

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