8 Small Things to Give up in Order to Beat the Crisis ...


Trying to Beat the Crisis without significantly changing your habits and lifestyle can be really difficult. Luckily, there are dozens of small things you can do to save, things that can actually improve your life while helping you beat the crisis! Isn’t that a win-win situation? Well, you will have to give up some things and you might miss them for a while but give it a month or two and you’ll realize trying to beat the crisis does have its benefits! Don’t believe me? Well, here’s what you should give up in order to have more cash at the end of each month and you’ll see that these habits are soooo worth ditching:

1. Junk Food

Giving up junk food won’t only help you to beat the crisis but live a healthier life as well! Now, don’t look at me like that – I love pizza, too! Why not make your own pizza instead? Or your own sandwich? My fiancé rarely buys his lunch firstly because he’s really into healthy food and secondly because eating out every day would mean he “ate” 30% of his salary. I know you’re probably busy and I’m sure you don’t have time to cook every day but believe me, if a guy who works approximately 12hours a day can prepare his own food to take to work, so can you!

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