13 Smart πŸ‘” Christmas πŸŽ… Gifts That Won't Break the Bank 🏦 ...

Smart Christmas gifts that won’t break the bank can be hard to come up with, especially if you’re buying for someone who seems to have everything, or you just have no idea what to get for them this year. You don’t need to worry; I have a list of some fabulously smart Christmas gifts! Most of these gifts will work for either gender, so whether you’re shopping for male or female, I’ve got you covered!

1. Gift Cards

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I usually buy a gift card as my last resort, because I feel that gift cards are not very personal or inventive. However, a gift card can often be one of the ideal smart gifts for Christmas, because then you know the person is getting something they really want. And especially for college students, new brides, or teenagers without a job, a gift card can be a gold mine! If you plan to travel to your Christmas destination, gift cards will make travel much easier than packages and bags.

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