8 Smart Tips on How to save Money ...


How to Save Money is a question many people are asking. Everyone needs a holiday, a better house or a new car, but how do you achieve these goals? Want to know the best ways of save money? Itโ€™s no great secret, itโ€™s mostly common sense. With a few simple ideas, you can easily start saving money. The tips here concentrate on how you can start saving, monitoring your spending and how to save money by cutting costs which will hopefully help you to maximize savings. Here are 8 smart tips on how to save money.

1. Start a New Savings Account

A great way to start saving money is to set aside a small sum of money from your income. Decide on a small amount to begin with, an amount that you wonโ€™t miss. Set up an entirely new savings account so that the money is separated from your other income and monthly outgoings. Set up a direct debit for the day that your salary hits your account. Try this for several months and if you can afford it try increasing the amount by $10-15 dollars each week. Youโ€™ll be surprised how quickly your money will start to stack up and how quickly you can save money.

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