7 Smart Ways to Cut Childcare Costs ...


Childcare costs are a concern for anyone who wants to have a family and return to work, whether out of financial necessity or to keep a career going. You want or need to go to work but can’t take your precious bundle with you. Of course, nobody at the office would forgive you for having a screaming child at your desk and changing nappies on the photocopier. Childcare cost isn’t the only factor in the decision to return to work but for many it is the make or break issue. Here are 7 Smart Ways to Cut Childcare Costs.

1. Hire a Student

Why not put an advert on the local college website or on the pin board asking for a babysitter. Students have a lot of spare time on their hands and are always after some extra cash. Ask at reception where the childcare department is as students will be grateful for some work experience and will be helping you out too. You could also look at hiring a live in au pair. This may sound odd to include as a way to cut childcare costs but if you have more than one child, it can work out cheaper than paying multiple day care fees. Plus, it gives you pretty much round the clock childcare as well as all the additional help around the home.

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