7 Smart Ways to Prevent Identity Theft ...


Do you know about all the ways to prevent identity theft there are? Aside from the obvious like not writing your Personal Identification Number on your debit card, there are quite a few simple yet effective ways to prevent identity theft that you might not have thought of yet. Let's face it, having your identity stolen is horrible. It takes time to rebuild your reputation and credit history and there are millions of cases reported in the United States alone. Be smart about protecting your credit and identity by following some of these steps below.

1. Keep It Private

We live in a time where oversharing is common but when it comes to protecting yourself and your credit, keep it all on the hush-hush. One of the easiest ways to prevent identity theft is to keep your passwords and PINs to yourself. Also, make passwords difficult, change them periodically and use different passwords for different sites so it won’t be easy for some random person to figure out. Using your social security number, birthday or pet’s name might be easy to remember, but it can be easily linked back to you and used against you.

Look for Security
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