7. Use What Coupons You Can

I know eating healthy doesn’t come with many coupons, but use what coupons you can. There are some really great websites for finding health products on sale, such as CommonKindness.com, WholeFoodsMarkets.com, SouthernSavers.com, and you can always check online sites such as Amazon.com for weekly grocery deals. Websites like Amazon.com, Vitacost.com, SwansonVitamins.com, and iHerb.com all carry dry goods you can buy so much cheaper than in stores, and even buy in bulk if you want to.

Gluten free items like oatmeal are half the cost, and many shelf stable almond milks, whole grains, spices, superfoods, protein powders, and even vitamins and supplements can all be found online too, at much cheaper prices. I always suggest using what coupons you can in multiple places to save the most money while eating healthy.

I know budgeting isn’t easy, but try to keep your day to day meals simple and clean. You don’t need a bunch of processed foods, diet packages, pre-made shakes, diet supplements, etc. You simply need to choose clean foods and make them work into your budget, not against it. With a few tricks to work your favorite items into your diet, like rotating items and only purchasing when they’re on sale, you can be sure that you’ll be healthy, satisfied, and within your budget. Do you have a budget tip for healthy eaters or those trying to start a diet?

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