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Stay Close with Your Long-distance Lover without Spending Much Money ...

By Valencia

If you're in a long-distance relationship, understandably you want to visit your significant other as much as possible. But unfortunately, your budget may not allow frequent trips. Traveling by bus, train or airplane can be more than your budget can handle. Fortunately, there are ways to stay close with your long-distance lover without spending too much money.

1 Reduce the Number of Visits

This might be the last thing you want to do, but if visiting every weekend strains your budget, you may need to cut back to every other weekend or once a month. Maybe you can work out an arrangement with your boss and work 12- hours three days a week so you can have a three or four-day weekend. This way, when you and your significant other visits each other, you can spend more than two days together.

2 Get a Rewards Credit Card

Look for a rewards credit card that lets you earn points or miles toward travel. Use this credit card for everyday purchases from groceries to gas. Once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem your points for discounts on car rentals, hotels or air travel. To avoid debt and high interest charges, pay off your rewards credit card in full every month.

3 Review Your Data Plan

Since you and your significant other will call each other frequently, you might save money with an unlimited cell phone data plan. Your monthly bill will increase, but this increase might be cheaper than paying overage charges. Also, take advantage of other methods of communication, such as FaceTime or Skype.

4 Fly from a Cheaper Airport

There may be a major airport in your city, but you'll also paid more. If there's a smaller airport within an hour drive of your home, it might be cost-effective to fly from this airport, especially if they have smaller, budget carriers flying to your destination. You can save money and possibly visit each other more often.

5 Meet Halfway and Spend the Day Together

If you and your significant other don't live far apart, you can drive, meet each other halfway and spend the day together. This can work if you live two or three hours away from each other. Both of you can drive an hour and enjoy an inexpensive day. This way, you avoid airline tickets, train tickets, hotels and multiple meals. And since it's only a day trip, you won't have to take time off from work.

6 Travel on Cheap Days

If you have to fly to visit your significant other, see if you can modify your travel dates and fly on days that are cheaper. For example, airline tickets are typically higher on Fridays and Sundays. Play around with your travel dates and see if you can fly out on a Saturday or Thursday. After comparing ticket prices for different days, I found that you can save as much as $100-$200 flying on a Saturday or Thursday. This schedule keeps cash in your pocket and you can visit more often.

7 Keep Your Dates Cheap

If you have no choice but to spend money on travel, keep your dates cheap. Understandably, you want to have as much fun as possible, but this doesn't mean you have to go broke. The important thing is that you're spending time together. Keep your dates casual with pizza and a rented movies.

Long-distance relationships are tough. Not only are you away from the person you love, but traveling to and from your significant other can strain your wallet. What are other tips to save money in a long-distance relationship?

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