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7 Surefire Signs That You Are Financially Jealous ...

By Valencia

If a friend or coworker received a significant pay increase but you can't bring yourself to congratulate him or her, this is one of many signs that you are financially jealous. It's a feeling that many wouldn't dare admit. However, if someone in your immediate circle receives a big promotion at work, an inheritance or hits the jackpot, you might find it difficult to celebrate their good fortune. Here are seven signs that you are financially jealous.

1 Your Heart Rate Increases

Does your heart rate increase whenever a friend or coworker talks about a recent vacation or purchase? You may say you're happy for this person, but your body's reaction may tell a different story. Physically, you might be able to maintain your composure. But if your heart beats faster or if you start sweating, these can be signs that you are financially jealous.

2 You Frequently Change the Subject

If a friend enjoys more luxuries than you, you may struggle through certain conversations. For example, your friend may excitedly tell details about a recent vacation, or he or she may ask your opinion about a particular car or electronic device. If you can't handle reminders of this person’s success, you may look for opportunities to change the subject and take the attention off her.

3 You Toss in Comments about Your Finances

Not only do you try and take the attention off your friend, you may insert a few comments about your own personal finances – although slightly exaggerated to make yourself look better. To illustrate, if your friend mentions a new pair of expensive shoes that she just purchased, you may flip the conversation and go on and on about your new designer bag.

4 You Go into Debt Trying to Keep up

The truth is, there will always be people who earn more than you, and sometimes these people will be close friends. If you are financially jealous, you may go to extremes to keep up with their lifestyle. This includes using your credit card for clothes, electronics and vacations you can't afford, or spending all your disposable income on luxuries and ignoring your savings account.

5 You Start to Resent Your Friend

Whether your friend earns more, received an inheritance or married up, extreme jealousy can trigger resentment. If your finances are in the toilet and you can't get ahead, you may feel that the situation is unfair. In your mind, you work hard and sacrificed just as much, so why aren't you enjoying the same benefits?

6 You Pull a Disappearing Act

If you and your friend always got together on the weekends and would spend hours on the phone, the fact that you have no desire to hang out with this person can indicate a jealous streak. Do you make excuses whenever this person calls and extends an invitation? Would you rather hang out with those in your income bracket? The way you answer these questions can shed light on your true feelings.

7 You Speak Negatively about This Person

A telltale sign that you are financially jealous – you make unjustifiable negative comments about this person. Jealousy is a common emotion, but it can quickly turn into envy. This is deep resentment that can affect your happiness. You may verbally downplay this person’s success, or imply that she doesn’t deserve any of this good fortune.

Being financially jealous can drive a wedge between you and your friend, but it doesn’t have to. If your friend doesn't let success go to her head, and if she wants to maintain a relationship with you, there's plenty you can do together despite economical differences. What are some other signs that indicate financial jealousy?

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