7 Surefire Tips for Negotiating Lower Rent ...


Fellow renters, I've got some great tips for negotiating lower rent, whether you're renewing your lease or moving into a new place. I promise that these work, because the Better Half and I just tried them! We're moving, we fell in love with a new place, but it was a little out of our budget … and now it's not! By following these tips for negotiating lower rent, you'll stay on good terms with your landlord and ensure that you look like the kind of renter who knows her stuff!

1. Check out Averages and Other Properties

One of the most essential tips for negotiating lower rent is to know what's going on around you. Check out the average rents in your new town, especially for similar properties. By knowing what other people are paying, you also know what the landlord should reasonably expect. He knows the averages too, so he'll know if you're bluffing or if you've really done your research.

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