7 Terrific Ways to Find Extra Cash for Traveling ...


There are plenty of ways to find extra cash for traveling, which is good news if you're overdue for a vacation. Everyone needs a mental and physical break. Of course, planning a vacation is much easier to say than do. If lack of disposable income prevents you from enjoying a little time away, here are seven terrific ways to find extra cash for traveling. Follow these tips and you're one step closer to enjoying a vacation or getaway.

1. Hold a Yard Sale

If you walk through your house, I'm sure that you will find a bunch of things that you don't need. This can include old electronics, furniture, clothes, books and anything else taking up space inside your closet. If you're looking for ways to find extra cash for traveling, having a yard sale or taking some of your items to a consignment shop can help. For this to work, all proceeds need to go into a vacation fund.

Keep Your Change
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