3. Social Aspect

Finally, retail therapy is good for you because of the social aspect. It’s a social connection.

Whether you like shopping alone or not, you’ll get a social connection with the other shoppers and the sales associates when you’re shopping. Social connections are a basic human need. Way back in the day, people went to the marketplace to make human connections. Now we head to a glossy mall. It’s all the same. It’ll make you feel better even if you just talk to someone in a store.

A word of advice. Don’t include others in your therapy session.

Don’t call up your favorite shopping buddy when you need a retail therapy session, especially if your shopping buddy is a big spender. There’s nothing wrong with taking a friend along on your shopping adventures. But, when you’re emotional and in a fragile state of mind, you’re likely to buy up any and everything you see. You don’t need someone egging you on and encouraging overspending.

Have a shopping fund. Retail therapy gets a bad rap. But in moderation, it’s a healthy way to cope with a bad day. But it’s only healthy if you’re buying within your means. Set aside a stress shopping fund, so you have something to look forward to while not breaking the bank during a trying time.



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