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The Money Advice Your Zodiac Sign Needs to Hear ...

By Melly

When it comes to money, even the most mature and responsible among us can do with being given a little bit of sage advice sometimes! Sure, your relationship with your finances tends to get better and more manageable the older you get, but that doesn’t mean that you know everything there is to know about dealing with your finances. In fact, some people never quite master it! Don’t worry, though, astrology is here to help! Here is the money advice your zodiac sign needs to hear.

1 Aries

You are someone who values quantity over quality, so you need to be careful about too much impulse buying because it will really start to affect your bank balance.

2 Taurus

You are something of a material girl, so the best financial advice for a Taurus is to limit yourself to just one new thing a month rather than five or six!


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3 Gemini

You struggle with the process of putting money away for the future, so it is a good idea for a Gemini to do that very thing every payday, so it is almost as if that little portion was never there for you to spend in the first place.

4 Cancer

You are a hard worker who doesn’t actually know how to enjoy their money. It means that you save a lot, but sometimes you need to learn to treat and reward yourself for your efforts.

5 Leo

You don’t have a hard time spending money, but thankfully you also don’t have a hard time making it either! You are fine to keep going on as you are, as long as your work ethic stays the same.

6 Virgo

You do well with setting a weekly or monthly budget, because you see it as just another challenge that your competitive soul has to complete.

7 Libra

You need to start being more strict with yourself when going on social outings. Set a limit for the night and stick to it.

8 Scorpio

You need to get over your dislike of actually talking about finance because when you don’t see it as this unspeakable secret, you can ask for advice from people in the know.

9 Sagittarius

You actually have your head firmly screwed on finance wise. A Sagittarius is always much more interested in experiences than in material objects.

10 Capricorn

You are strict with yourself to the point where you judge people for making big purchases. My advice would to be concentrate on your own cash flow rather than scolding others.

11 Aquarius

Your naturally giving nature means that you are a little too generous with your money. Try to be more strict with yourself.

12 Pisces

You don’t really care about money, which is refreshing but can also be a bad thing when the times comes that you actually need some sort of financial stability and understanding to move forward.

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