9 Things a Woman Should Always Have at Work ...

By Holly

There are certain things a woman should always have at work. It doesn't matter if you keep them in your desk or pocketbook, as long as you have them, because according to Real Simple, you just might need them.

1 Flats

Flats If your heel ends up breaking, you'll have some foldable flats that you can switch into.

2 A Stain Stick

A Stain Stick If you spill coffee on yourself, this will come in handy.

3 Bandages

Bandages You shouldn't rely on your boss to give you bandages. Keep a stash of some of your own.

4 Fashion Tape

Fashion Tape This could fix a broken hem or keep your belt from sticking up.

5 A Healthy Snack

cartoon, illustration, drawing, If you don't have time to grab lunch, at least you'll have a healthy snack to munch on.

6 A Lint Brush

A Lint Brush You'll look unprofessional walking around with dog hair sticking to your clothes.

7 Floss

Floss You don't want to enter a meeting with food stuck in your teeth.

8 Tweezers

Tweezers These can come in handy, so make sure you always have them on you.

9 A Phone Charger

A Phone Charger What would you do without your phone?

What do you always make sure to bring to work?

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