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I am far from saying that money is bad - in fact, it's not bad at all - but I’d like you to reflect on things money can’t buy. Some people tend to believe money is the final purpose and cure-all, while it should be considered just a means to get something greater. Why do lottery winners still feel miserable and end up in a worse situation than before, depressed and unfulfilled? Perhaps because they associated money to one of the below things money can’t buy.

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Love detached from interest is one of the greatest things money can’t buy. Genuine love cannot be measured nor monetized, and I refer to the feeling and not to institutions, such as marriage. This type of love is present between parents and children, friends, couples... and why not from one to her country or community?



You don’t need anything material to feel happy, though of course the lack of the basic material necessities can make one unhappy. We sure feel content when eating chocolate or going shopping, but unfortunately this feeling is not permanent. One should seek genuine happiness, which can be reached without the help of money or goods. Where and how can it be found? Read on through the rest of this list for some valuable hints.



Real friends stick together regardless of each other´s financial situation. You should pay attention if you have people around you who are only interested in your goods or patronage. Friendship should be based on exchange, companionship and common interests. If two people become close for other reasons, then it might not be friendship. And if it is indeed a good, true friendship, you know how valuable it is, and that it's something money can't buy or replace.



The story of your life belongs to you and only you. What has happened in the past and your family relationship will always be part of your background, and no matter how different you are today from before, this is certainly something money cannot buy.



Contribution to society is key to fulfillment. Why do some millionaires still feel empty? Probably because they thought of money as a goal instead of thinking of what feelings they would like to get with money. If you aim to help others, does it necessarily have to be with money? Invest your time and energy into causes you care about, and you'll find the fulfillment you want, without having to earn or spend a penny.



Money can buy medical care and treatments, but physical and mental health is a gift that money cannot buy. Surely money plays an important role when one needs to go through expensive surgeries and buy medicine, but prevention and health do not require money.


Maintaining a balanced lifestyle with regular exercise, a nutritious diet, and adequate rest significantly contributes to overall well-being and doesn't necessarily cost a dime. Embracing activities such as meditation or yoga can enhance mental health, while forming social connections and cultivating relationships is vital for emotional support—none of which can be quantified by the dollar. Furthermore, the tranquility that comes from a serene mind and a healthy body is truly priceless, as no amount of wealth can guarantee a lifetime free from stress or anxiety.



Your memories are in your heart and mind, and no one can take those away from you. You can still own pictures, but money cannot buy those dear memories that are in your head, ready for replay at a whim.

It is common to wish to be a millionaire and solve all of your problems, but try to think of feelings that you aim for. What would you add to my list? What is important to you that money cannot buy?

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