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7 Things That Hurt Your Chances of Getting a Raise ...

By Valencia

Getting a raise can provide extra income to build your savings account, pay off debt or make ends meet. But while you may need extra cash, getting a pay increase isn't always easy. You can't make your boss give you a higher salary. And unfortunately, some of your actions might unknowingly kill your chances of a raise. Here's a look at seven things that hurt your chances of getting a raise.

1 You Don't Ask for One

Getting a raise is sometimes a matter of asking for one. Some companies offer their employees yearly salary increases, but due to revenue issues, others don't mention the topic unless an employee brings it up first. Therefore, if you're looking to get more money, you might need to open your mouth and ask for it.

2 You Have Unrealistic Expectations

Even if you ask for a raise, there's no guarantee that your boss will comply with your request. However, he or she is more likely to bump up your salary if you are realistic. Therefore, you need to do your homework and know your worth before approaching your boss.

3 You Only do What's Expected

If your company does not have the resources to give everyone a pay increase, they may only offer raises to select employees. And often times, the employees who take the initiative and go beyond the call of duty are the ones who earn higher pay. It isn't always enough to stick with your job description. Be a team player and pitch in whenever you can.

4 Your Skills Aren't up to Date

Brushing up on your skills or developing new ones is another way to increase your chances of getting a pay increase. The more knowledge and skills you have, the more of an asset you’ll become to your employer. And if your employer acknowledges your work and sees you as a valuable player, he might be more willing to bump up your salary.

5 You’re a Troublemaker

A peaceful workplace is enjoyable for everyone. However, if you’re a troublemaker in the office — the gossiper or the instigator, your employer might take notice of this. As a result, this might ruin your chances of getting a raise, or even getting promoted within the company. Clean up your act and improve your reputation in the office. This can be as simple as minding your own business.

6 The Company Isn't Doing Well

You might be a top player, but your company can only give what it has. Therefore, if the company has been hit hard by the recession and if it’s struggling to stay a float, getting a raise might not happen at the moment. However, this doesn't suggest slacking off at work. Continue to do a good job, and when your employer’s financial situation improves, you might get a raise at this time.

7 You Can't Follow the Rules

Being obedient in small things can take you further in life. This also implies in the workplace. When the time comes to offer salary increases, your employer will review your performance as well as your character. You might be an okay employee, but if you can't follow simple rules such as getting to work on time in the mornings, or only taking an hour lunch break, the employer might pass on you and give a raise to someone else.

A higher salary can make a big difference in your life, but if you don't know how to go about getting the money you deserve, you might short-change yourself and stay stuck within a salary range.

What are other things that can ruin your chances of getting a raise?

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