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9 Things That Matter More than Money ...

By Jordin

The things that matter more than money cannot be measured by status. Wealth and fame are two things that many people desire, but “get rich quick” schemes are few and far between. If you find yourself wishing to have more money, then instead of feeling depressed about the status of your wallet you can refer to this list to see how blessed you actually are. If you can even call one thing on this list “yours”, then you are richer than you thought! Read on to learn the things that matter more than money!

1 Family

Of all things that matter more than money in this world one of the most important is family. We’ve all heard that blood is thicker than water. It’s true! Family is irreplaceable, and likely they will be by your side through thick and thin, no matter what. Hold your family close to your heart; not everyone is lucky enough to have a family of their own.

2 Friends

If you have found that one, true, best, lifelong friend, then treasure that person! Finding a true and lasting friendship is one of life’s greater joys. Friends are like family, only a little different. Family loves you because they are stuck with you, (in a manner of speaking) but friends CHOOSE to be with you!


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3 Health

No matter how much money you have, it can never buy you perfect health or lasting youth. It’s true that having money can fix many health problems, but money won’t guarantee you perfect health. Don’t take your health for granted! Appreciate it every day, and take care of yourself to stay in good health.

4 Children

How many families are there who would love to have children of their own, but are unable to due to health issues? The ability to have a baby is not bestowed on every couple or every woman. If you have children in your life, adopted or naturally born, then hold them close and cherish every moment of childhood! Even couples that adopt don’t always get a baby right away; it may take years and years before their dreams come true.

5 Freedom

Freedom is something that many of us can easily take for granted. Not everyone in the world lives in a free country, or has the freedom to make their own choices. Freedom is important because it allows us to be our own person and make our own choices. Those who protect our freedom are heroes!

6 Your Safety

You could have all the money in the world and it wouldn’t buy your safety! How many people live in constant fear for their life or their loved ones lives’ safety? Money doesn’t always guarantee your safety, so if you have no need to live with your guard up all the time, that is one thing that matters more than money!

7 Love

Something that matters so much more than money is love. If you have found the one person who completes you, makes life worth living, and gives you a reason to smile, then you have found something that not everyone in the world is blessed enough to have!

8 Happiness

So many people deal with depression on a daily basis. Are you truly happy? Happiness doesn’t come with riches. Not true happiness anyways! If you find yourself surrounded by laughter then count yourself lucky!

9 Compassion

Where would this world be without compassion? Compassion is what keeps the world a happy place to live. And money doesn’t buy compassion, not true compassion that is. You may not have a big bank account, but if you have compassion in your heart, you have immeasurable riches!

Having an extra dollar or two in your pocket never hurt anyone’s feelings, but when it comes down to the wire, there are a few things that none of us would be very willing to trade for riches. These are a few things that I remind myself of how lucky and blessed I am to call mine when I start to wish I had more money. What are some things that you would never trade in for more money?

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