7 Things to do at Christmas for Free ...


7 Things to do at Christmas for Free ...
7 Things to do at Christmas for Free ...

Finding things to do at Christmas that are free doesn't have to be as difficult as you might think! While Christmas is usually a time for spending more money, you can use some of these ideas to kick back, chill out, and save a little cash. I certainly love to shop and go out for dinner and shows as much as the next person, but sometimes it’s important to follow a budget plan. Use these things to do at Christmas as inspiration for a few activities you can do for no charge to your wallet!

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Make Hot Cocoa

One of my favorite things to do at Christmas is drink hot cocoa! Of course, you do need to buy the ingredients to make hot cocoa, so it’s not entirely free, but many of us already have the necessary ingredients in our kitchen cupboards! Make yourself a nice, steaming cup of hot chocolate and enjoy a quiet evening of down time with your loved ones or alone. Sometimes an hour or two of alone time is necessary to recharge your batteries, especially for moms.


Go Caroling

Christmas caroling has got to be one of my absolute favorite activities to do for free around the holidays! It’s so much fun to be able to enjoy the company of friends while brightening someone else’s spirits with a song. You can carol indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. I love to carol at places like nursing homes, children’s homes, or hospitals, where there are people who may be lonely or hurting and in need of some Christmas spirit!


Decorate Your Home

For a Christmas activity you can do for free, why not decorate your home? If you’ve already decked out your own halls, maybe you can decorate your workplace or pitch in to help decorate your local church or library. And don’t forget that you probably have friends or relatives who may be too busy to put out their own little pretties, so volunteering to help them out would be fun for you and a blessing for them!


Watch a Christmas Movie at Home

The theater can get a little pricey around the holidays, and especially if you have a larger family. Skip going out and stay in tonight! You can watch an old classic you already own, or borrow a new movie or two from a friend. If neither of those options work, then check to see what your local stations are playing! You can always program your DVR to record the show you want to watch and see it at a later date, so keep that in mind when checking your listings.


Bake Some Christmas Cheer

Now you will obviously have to buy the ingredients for whatever you decide to bake, but again, many people already have basic ingredients on hand. Bake a batch of your favorite Christmas goodies to enjoy! You can also make double batches and share with co-workers, neighbors, and friends! What a way to spread some holiday cheer!


Window Shop

There’s nothing more magical than walking down the street at Christmas time and enjoying all the beautiful lights on display. Most department stores will have lovely window displays this time of year! Do a little window shopping with your best friends and walk through the park to admire the lights. This makes a perfect way to end the day!


Have a Wrapping Party

Do you ever feel as if you put off wrapping your gifts because it’s such a chore? Why not host a wrapping party? Have all your friends bring over their presents and wrapping supplies, and then you can all wrap gifts while you chat and enjoy each other’s company! Serve cookies and cider if you have them on hand.

Christmas is a time for cheer; so don’t hesitate to spread your share. It’s easier to spread Christmas cheer when you aren’t feeling glum about spending so much money! What do you think about my list of things to do for free at Christmas time? Please comment below if you can think of any other activities that you can do at Christmas time for free!

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