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It's great to be sure of something before buying, and there are certain things to look for before making a purchase. We all want the perfect closet or house, free of unnecessary clutter. It's so easy to think something looks great or will be perfect at the store or from an online view. Keep your spending thoughtful and your purchases ideal. Take note of several things to look for before making a purchase.

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Before making a purchase, ask yourself if it's the quality you are looking for. Will it last you, and does it need to? If you're making an expensive buy, it's best to do your research on the quality of the brand before buying! If it's just another piece of clothing, does the quality compare with other pieces you've been buying? Will the item go with everything else you have at your home or in your closet?



Make sure the product you're buying has been cared for. You don't want to buy something that's already been tampered with or partially destroyed. Look for stretching at the seam, dents or scratches. You can actually flip clothing and check each seam for a pull or cut, as this will probably unravel as you wear the piece. You want something cared for so that it lasts you!


Other Buys

Consider your other recent purchases. Have you already picked up a few pairs of sunglasses this month? I notice that I'll get into 'buying sprees' of summer items, winter scarves or mugs. It's best to keep this type of shopping limited. You can have a ton of scarves, mugs or sunglasses — but only really need a few that you absolutely love! This eliminates clutter!



Take a good long look at the color of this purchase. Sometimes, we find the perfect style or piece of something, but it's in a less than perfect color that we may get tired of. Will the bright orange teapot go with other items in your kitchen? Or just leave you wanting a new one? Really examine the color and style of something in comparison to your other things.



What will this piece be used for? If you see yourself using or wearing it often, it's a good purchase decision. If it's something you won't use until the distant future and you're not totally smitten, it may be best to hold off. You may end up finding a better dress for that winter wedding, or another cake holder for your party. You don't want to limit your options ahead of time!



If you're making a big purchase on something like a kit or electronic item, it's best to do your research before buying. Read online reviews, ask around and get the full scoop before you decide on a brand and style of product. You'll feel confident in your purchase and have an idea of the products' full capabilities and potential problems. Be careful of negative online reviews — as negativity is often more common than positivity — but do a little research to get the general idea before you buy.



Before making a big purchase, see what else is coming out in the coming months. Sometimes, a brands' newest model is just about to be released. Or Black Friday sales may be coming up. You don't want to regret the timing of your buy. Keep your nose in the industry news a few weeks before your purchase, so that you'll know what's really going on!

There are several things to think about before making a purchase. Mindful buys will keep your house clutter-free and full of only your favorite things! What other tips do you keep in mind at the checkout line?

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