Things to Stock up 🛒 on in November 📆 ...


Holidays are in the air! I could elaborate on everything listed, but we have minds of our own. Some like to stock up on food. Some like to stock up on non-food related items. Some like both.

What is nice is that we can stock on these things for use later on in the year. For example, food can be frozen. Non-food items can be tucked away somewhere. Some items can be wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree.

On top of all this, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners can be affordable. Dollar stores carry just about everything but the turkey! In other stores, not only are there superb sales, but there are superb coupons around this time of year.

After some good research, these are what I found to stock up on in November!

1. Pumpkin Spice Everything

Spices, Period
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