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7 Things You do That May Be Annoying Your Co-Workers ...

By Valencia

You might think everyone in the office likes your personality and enjoys being around you. But if you take a poll, you may discover that some of your coworkers can take you or leave you. There is at least one annoying person in every single office. And unfortunately, if you do any of the following seven things, you might be this person.

Here are seven things do you that annoy your coworkers.

1 Come to Work Sick

Yes, you need a paycheck. This is how you pay your rent, your car payment, your student loans, etc. But when you come to work sick, you spread your germs throughout the office, and you increase the likelihood of your coworkers getting sick. If they get sick and can't come to work, they might have trouble paying their bills. Be considerate of those around you and don't come to work if you're contagious or gross.

2 You Suck up to Management

Sucking up might be your master plan for getting to the top faster. And while your supervisor or boss might appreciate your kind words, your actions can annoy your coworkers. They’re likely to see through your act. This is especially true if management is unreasonable and overly demanding, yet you support their every decision to make yourself look good.


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3 You’re Negative Nancy

Everyone has problems, whether it's health, financial, family, etc. There's nothing wrong with venting to a few coworkers, and everyone complains from time to time. At the same time, people you work with don't want to hear about your personal problems for eight or nine hours a day. They have their own problems to worry about. It can be especially annoying if you act like your personal problems are bigger or more serious than what others go through.

4 You Never Clean Your Desk

Most people don't want to work around trash and filth. Be considerate and keep your workstation clean. Remove your trash, dust your desk and keep your paperwork as organized as possible. This advice goes beyond your workstation. If you eat in the office kitchenette, make sure you clean up your microwave spills and don't leave your items laying all over the kitchen.

5 You Talk Loud

If you have a bubbly personality and a lot of energy, you may not realize how this annoys your coworkers. It's important to remember that the workplace isn't the playground, the club or a restaurant. Be respectful of those around you and watch the volume of your voice when you're on the phone, and don’t play your music so loud that others can't concentrate on their work.

6 You Steal the Credit

If you're working on team projects, it's also important that you don't take full credit for the entire team’s work. In an effort to get ahead faster at work, you might draw attention to your contribution to a project while ignoring the efforts put in by your colleagues. Stealing the thunder or shine is one of the fastest ways to get under your coworker’s skin.

7 You Don't Carry Your Weight

In an eight-hour workday, you might be the person who only actually works five or six hours. You spend more time shooting the breeze and gossiping than working. And unfortunately, your laziness — and the fact that you don't carry your weight — impacts the teams ability to meet deadlines. Additionally, if you're the type of person who always calls in sick, shows up late or schedules vacations at the worst times, your coworkers will have to pick up the slack.

Nobody wants to believe that they’re the annoying coworker. But if you can recognize your annoying traits and make changes, you can have a better relationship with your coworkers. What are other ways to annoy your coworkers?

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