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When you want to sell your home, it's not as simple as just putting it on the market and forgetting about it. There are some key things you need to do in order to sell your home quickly and possibly even get more money out of it. First impressions are everything and they aren’t just important for job interviews and first dates. First impressions are all you get for potential buyers, so make your home’s impression count on every single person that sees your home. Keep the tips below in mind when you want to sell your home and you won’t have to worry about it being on the market for months on end.

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A Fabulous Lawn

One of the most important things to do when you want to sell your home is give your lawn your utmost attention. Your house might be stellar on the inside but if your lawn is lacking, you’re in for a hard time selling your home. Potential buyers like to see a neat, manicured lawn because it gives the impression that the house has been well-cared-for as well. Mow the lawn, plant a few flowers and shrubs, and be sure to keep up with it weekly so it always looks its best.


Perfect the Plumbing

Most potential buyers want a home to be move-in ready, so be sure all your toilets, sinks, and showers work before showing your home. If you don’t do these things, anyone interested in your home will likely request that you have them done before they purchase it. Go ahead and do it first thing so you won’t have to worry about it later.


Keep It Clean

I know it’s tough to keep your home spotless day in and day out, but it’s a priority you need to take into account. Keeping your home clean is important because potential buyers can’t envision what a home will look like if your sink is piled up with dishes, dirty clothes are everywhere, and the floors are a mess. Clean your home once a week and pick it up daily to keep it in optimal selling condition.


Water Damage Repairs

It's important that you fix any areas in your home that have water damage before you put it on the market. Water damage is one of the worst things a potential buyer has to deal with or even consider when purchasing a home. Check your entire home, including showers, ceilings, floors, and even the home’s exterior.


Get Rid of the Junk

The best time to have a yard sale is right before you put your house on the market. Get rid of absolutely anything you don’t need. This won’t only help your home and yard appear cleaner with less clutter, but will also make things easier when you move. The larger and more spacious your home looks to potential buyers, the more apt they are to want to buy it.


Check All Major Appliances

It’s also important to have all major conditions in working condition when you want to sell your home to make the best impression. Fix appliances yourself or spend the money and hire someone you trust.


Refine the Exterior

Caring for the lawn isn’t the only piece to the puzzle. You also need to make sure you refine every little bit of your home's exterior. Clean the gutters and the windows, keep the walkway clean, and tidy up your porch if you have one. You may even want to pot a few nice plants outside to make the home more appealing and spiff up your patio too.



Don’t forget to advertise your home if you want to sell it as quickly as possible. It only costs a minimal amount to put it in your local newspaper, and putting it on Craigslist is actually free. Remember, the more effort you put into selling it, the faster you will find a buyer.


Tell Everyone You Know

Lastly, tell everyone you know that you’re selling your home. This is the best way to get the word out fast and network your way to selling your home quickly. Put it on Facebook, post pictures online, and tell all your friends and family for best results.

Remember that when you want to sell your home, it might take some work but it is well worth your efforts. Do you have any tips to sell your home to add to this list?

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have plants in your house. have your insurance agent or several insurance companies come to your house to give a quote and do their appraisal. note the have to come and see the house or else they are no good. this does not cost money and it sets the value for the real estate agent who may not have a clue what the house is worth on the market.

great ideas and I also think about removing really crazy color schemes from a room or strange wallpaper. It depends on what type of house you have obviously but radical color schemes can be off putting. Realtors say that too when renting property. keep color schemes neutral

all great ideas...the only thing I disagree with is advertising it on Facebook or Craig's List!!!....leave it with only the real estate...

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