10. Greetings Cards and Gift Wrap

Yard sales are a good place to find unused gift wrap and greetings cards. You may even find that people are selling handmade, unique greetings cards for a variety of occasions at your local yard sale, and those are more interesting and fun than generic cards.

Wrapping paper and gift cards are things that are always handy to keep in the house, as you can use them for everything from birthdays and anniversaries to congratulating co-workers.

You will be surprised at how many bargains and great items that you need can actually be found at garage sales. I hope you found this list of 10 things you should buy at garage sales useful! Don't forget to let us know what bargains you have come across recently at your local sales. Also, what's are your favorite items to look for in garage sales and yard sales?

Top Photo Credit: thirtythoughts1962

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