17 Things You Should Definitely Stop Buying ...

I bet you can come up with a whole variety of things you should stop buying; whether it’s that morning coffee or a pastry at lunchtime, everyone has those little things that they love to splurge on. When you look to cut down on spending, it’s natural to stop those little habits first, but you could save much more by looking elsewhere. Check out these things you should stop buying, and see if you can save enough to keep your little treat.

1. Pre-mixes…

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Everyone wants to make their days easier, and mornings are the worst: you're time-pressured, stressed and want to get everything done quickly and easily. Which is why pancake mix is a big seller in most supermarkets, despite pancakes being one of the easiest things ever to make. You don’t need to magic up more time in the morning, either; just put pancake mix on the things you should stop buying list, and make your own in advance. 6 cups of flour, 6 teaspoons of baking powder, 1.5 teaspoons of salt, mix and put into a airtight container. Use 1 scoop of the mix, combined with an egg and a cup of milk, in the morning. Easy.

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