7 Things You Should Know about Low-rate Auto Loans ...


Low-rate auto loans are the best way to save on a new car, but there are a few things you should know about these loans. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of car buyers will qualify for the best rates, and many car buyers enter the process without knowing how to qualify for the best loan. Don’t get caught off guard. Here are seven things you should know about low-rate auto loans.

1. The Lowest Rate Isn’t Always at the Dealership

If you’re looking for low-rate auto loans, don’t think the dealership will offer the best rate. The dealership can help with financing, but if you’re interested in getting the best loan rate, you need to talk to your local bank or credit union. The rate the dealership quotes might be low, but in all likelihood, the dealership has padded the interest rate to make a small profit. Go to a bank or credit union and you’ll cut out the middleman.

The Longer the Term, the More You Will Pay
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