Things You Should Never 🚫 Put on Your Resume πŸ“‹ ...


To get your dream job, you first need to ace an interview, but in order to book that interview in the first place, you need to have an impressive, standout resume! In truth, it isn’t hard to produce a strong resume. It’s all about having a clear and concise layout, with just enough personal information to boost your profile and intrigue the potential employer. However, on the other hand, there are definitely a LOT of things that you can do to completely ruin a resume, things that can make you an immediate throw in the office trash can. Here are some things that you should never put on your resume!

1. Past Employer Criticism

You should never write details about your previous jobs that include criticisms of your past employers. You might have had a torrid time in an old job, but complaining about it on a resume just looks really unprofessional, and can make you seem like a problematic or argumentative employee to the person reading.

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