7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss ...

If you do care about your career, you must be already aware of the fact that there are quite a few things you should never say to your boss, if you want to keep your job or even get a promotion. Sometimes it’s better to think first before you open your mouth and try to control your urges when you’re at work and your boss is nearby. It’s also true that you must be honest with your boss in order to feel respected and appreciated for your hard work, but you shouldn’t take this too far. I must tell you though that there are few exceptions and also, a few things you should never say to your boss.

1. “I’m so Bored!”

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This is the most common mistake most people do, when they’re at work and they’re talking to their boss during lunch or even during their working hours. In my opinion, this is definitely one of the things you should never say to your boss, because you might make him or her think you’re not working hard enough or you’re not trying so hard. As a result, he or she might even give you a few extra tasks, so you won’t complain about being bored during the time that you should be working.

2. “I’m Overqualified for This Job.”

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Before saying this to your boss (unless you want to quit), you might want to think twice. You must act responsibly and mature and be aware of the fact that it’s rather hard nowadays to find your dream job on your first try. Even if you are overqualified for your job, and sadly most people are, you should keep your mouth shut and keep searching for that perfect job without pointing it out to your colleagues and especially to your boss.

3. “I Can’t do It.”

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This statement is also among the worst things you could ever say to your boss. It’s normal to doubt your abilities from time to time; after all, you’re only human. However, I’m sure you are aware of the fact that most of the time you’re only overreacting, and once you start doing that thing, you’ll realize that you can in fact do it and you might even discover that you’re also pretty good at it. So, don’t be pessimistic ‘cause you won’t look good in the eyes of your boss, who might not give that promotion you deserve so much.

4. Keep Your Personal Info Personal

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Maybe you didn’t know, but the truth is that most employers still make decisions based upon different details of their employee’s personal life. This is completely wrong you might say, or even discriminatory, but sadly, this is true; after all, bosses are also human and they can be subjective when it comes to assessing someone’s work performance. Try to act professional and keep your personal info personal! This way, you’ll avoid becoming the subject of all the gossip that might occur at your workplace.

5. Don’t Tell Him or Her Anything about Your Night Life!

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This is also a sensitive topic that you should approach with a lot of delicacy in every discussion with your boss. He or she doesn’t need to know what you do when you leave work, if you’re spending some quality time with your kids, if you’re going on some hot date or if you’re hitting the bars and getting wasted every night. He or she doesn’t need to know all those details, just set some clear boundaries between work and your free time.

6. Don’t Talk about Your Religious Beliefs or Your Political Affiliation

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Maybe some people would not agree with me on this one, but I really believe that you should avoid talking about these two sensitive topics with your boss. Your beliefs might offend him or her, even if you didn’t intended it to happen, and I’m sure you don’t want that. So, it’s best not to talk about religion or politics while you’re at work and keep your personal beliefs to yourself. You’ll also risk offending your coworkers and you could create an uncomfortable work environment. So, be smart, keep your mouth shut and you won’t regret it!

7. “It’s Not My Responsibility!”

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I know that you may not have your dream job just yet, and that’s why you might be forced to do a lot of things you don’t particularly enjoy. You should try to control your impulses when you feel you’ve had it with everything and try not to take it out on your boss if he or she asks you to do another thing that might not be in your job’s requirements. Try to refuse him or her politely and offer him some alternatives. He or she will at least appreciate the fact that you’ve tried to find a solution to his problems.

Sometimes saying the wrong thing to your boss could cost you your promotion or even your job, so that’s why it’s sometimes better to just shut up and keep things to yourself. Do you know any other things you should avoid saying to your boss? Please share your opinion with us in the comments section!

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