7 Things You Shouldn't Say at an Office Party ...


7 Things You Shouldn't Say at an Office Party ...
7 Things You Shouldn't Say at an Office Party ...

Because in a lot of ways office parties seem like a social experiment, here are a few important things you shouldn’t say at an office party. An office party can be a nice time to relax and unwind with your colleagues but these get-togethers can have disastrous consequences too, especially if you’re planning to get ridiculously drunk or you want to tell some of your co-workers some home truths. If you are not careful, an office party can also mean an ideal opportunity to completely embarrass yourself and to erase everything that you worked for so hard so far. Here are 7 things you shouldn’t say at an office party that you should consider:

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Don’t Talk to Your Boss about Work

One of the most important things you shouldn’t say at an office party is anything related to work, especially when you are talking to your boss. This is never a good idea, so just skip it. If you’ve had a few drinks earlier, you might say something that you will regret later, so try to talk about anything that’s not related to your job.


“I Want a Raise.”

If you want to get a promotion or a raise, just keep this desire to yourself until you get the chance to talk to your boss elsewhere, in a more professional context. An office party it’s not the time or the place to ask for a raise or for a change of office space.


Don’t Dispense Office Gossip

The office party is also an inappropriate place to dispense office gossip. You shouldn’t start talking about who’s hooking up, who’s getting promoted or who’s having an affair with the boss. Just keep in mind that even if it’s a party, this is still a work-related even, so stay professional and act accordingly.


Don’t Criticize Everyone

Don’t be a scrooge and don’t criticize everyone around you! Things like “Jane is such a terrible dancer!” or “Look how ugly Katy’s dress is.” are just mean things to say in general, not only at an office party. Don’t make a bad impression! Be friendly, nice and open to everyone you meet because this is the only way you’ll have fun and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself.


Bringing up Unresolved Issues

If you have a grudge on someone (like Linda for example who wouldn’t want to give you a raise, or Joe in Sales who’s giving you a dirty look every morning), the office party is not the best time to bring up unresolved issues. You should try to have a good time and if you add alcohol in this mix, then you should definitely avoid bringing up this topic, since you will only manage to start a conflict and make a bad impression.


Religion or Politics

Try not to talk about religion or politics when you’re at an office party because these topics can make a lot of people feel uncomfortable. These are just personal matters and most people don’t agree with each other regarding their views on these subjects.


“I Can’t Wait to Duck out of Here Early!”

A lot of people can be offended by this statement, especially those who worked hard to organize that party. If you don’t like it, then just keep it to yourself. Don’t tell everyone that you can’t wait to leave the party because you have something more fun to do.

Just remember: when you’re at an office party, politics and raises are some of the most important topics of conversation that you should avoid. Do you know any other things you shouldn’t say at an office party? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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