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Anytime you apply for a new job, try to shake off your nervous jitters for a moment and consider some things your future boss needs to know. These things won't only help you nail the interview, but also keep the job! You might be aware of a few of these things your boss needs to know since many are common sense, but others might not be so obvious. Be sure you’re aware of these things your future boss needs to know next time you go in to land a new job, and hopefully you’ll ensure a longer (and happier) stay!

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Career Plans

One of the most important things your future boss needs to know are your long-term career plans. In fact, if you don’t see yourself staying at the company awhile, you may want to reconsider applying in the first place. It’s important to share your career plans with your future boss so they know where your drive and motivation stand. This is also one of the top questions in an interview, so be sure you know your answer!


Your Work Habits

Do you hate staying past 5 p.m. on Fridays or refuse to work weekends or overtime if needed? Be sure you know exactly what your employer expects of you in terms of staying past closing hours and working overtime. Simply asking them what hours are required throughout the week is the best way to handle this subject delicately.


Salary Expectations

Don’t bring the issue of salary up first thing during the interview since it makes you look like your motivations for applying may not be the best. On the other hand, you should never take a position without knowing how you’ll be compensated monetarily. Be sure you either put your salary expectations on your resume or ask at the end of the interview.


Planned Vacations

Be sure you don’t start a new job and immediately put in for a vacation request. It won’t look good on your part, I can promise! Most employers would rather know ahead of time (as in during the interview) if you’re planning on taking a vacation right after you start. They will also most likely appreciate your honesty and it shouldn't affect your likelihood of being hired.



If you’ve just found out you’re pregnant, there’s no need to announce it in your interview since you can easily tell your boss a month or two after they hire you. This still gives them plenty of time to make arrangements and won't disqualify you during the application process. However, if it’s close to your due date, you’ll want to consider bringing this up if they don’t ask (which they probably will).


Medical Issues

It's not necessary to bring up your health during an interview. However, after you get hired you should consider letting your boss know in a casual way if you have serious medical issues, such as diabetes, that may require frequent doctor appointments.



Lastly, don’t sell yourself short in the interview! While you don’t want to brag about yourself the whole time, your future boss should be able to see your accomplishments on your resume and hear them straight from you during the interview. This might even help you land the job!

Many of the things your future boss needs to know are things you’ll likely get asked in your interview. so have an honest answer ready for each of them. Do you have another idea in mind that your future boss might need to know?

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