7 Things Your Rich Friends Won't Tell You ...

There are things your rich friends won't tell you, but if you're interested in making it to their level, it's helpful to know what they know. This not only helps you achieve your goals faster, it can open your eyes to what life might be like for someone who’s well-off. Here is a look at seven things your rich friends won't tell you.

1. They’re Actually Cheap

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This may not apply to every rich person, but one of the things your rich friends won't tell you is that many well-off people are extremely cheap. If they walk around with designer clothes and shoes, and take wonderful vacations, chances are they didn't pay full price. These bargain hunters know how to stretch a dollar and get the most bang for their buck, which helps them hold onto cash.

2. They Are Gutsy

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These friends didn’t get rich by sitting on the sidelines. Sure, they’re probably educated and worked hard to get where they are. But a lot of times, they also took a lot of risks. Whether it's investing their money or taking a chance with a new business, rich people are often willing to lose a little to gain a lot.

3. They’re Not as Rich as You Think

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There is no denying some wealth. But the truth is, some well-off people aren't really that rich. They might earn a huge salary and have a lot of material possessions, but if they also have a ton of debt and very few assets, they're basically in the same boat as you. They might live paycheck to paycheck, and it might only take a job loss or an illness to crumble their empire.

4. They’re Not Always Smarter

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You may feel that your rich friends are way smarter than you, and maybe they did go to college and get advanced degrees. But some people amass wealth without any type of formal education. They get an idea and they take steps to make things happen. Sometimes, it's more about being in the right place at the right time, or being born into the right family.

5. They Fear Losing It All

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Rich friends might seem to have it all together, but at the end of the day, there's also the nagging fear that they'll lose it all. Therefore, they might feel pressured to grow their income to a new high in order to protect their financial future, and the future of their children.

6. Money Doesn't Make Them Happy

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Having a lot of money might cure your immediate worries, such as housing, transportation, food, etc. But when it's all said and done, cash in the bank isn't a permanent remedy for sadness. You can have all the money in the world, but it doesn't guarantee that you'll have a happy marriage, a healthy life, job satisfaction or friends.

7. They’re Cautious of New Friendships

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Rich people may love building relationships and having people around them. But while they don't mind socializing with those on a different economic level, some well-off people maintain a measure of caution because it's sometimes hard to determine real friends from those who come around to see what they can get.

Truthfully, your rich friends are just like you. They may not deal with a lot of money stress, but they face other difficulties like any other person, and they may count their pennies just like you. What other secrets do you think rich people won’t share?

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