7 Things You've Probably Done at Work but Are Ashamed to Admit It ...


There are some things you've probably done at work but you're ashamed to admit it. We spend a lot of our time at work so it's no wonder that we can sometimes be driven to do things which can be deemed less than professional. Some may be more controversial than others but when people are thrown together in a work place, it can be a minestrone pot of different characters and personalities, just waiting to boil over. Here are some things you've probably done at work but that you won't share with anyone other than your nearest and dearest, just so you can share the burden.

1. Work Crush

A work crush is mandatory - almost a rite of passage some might say. How many of you have had a work crush at some point in your life? Sometimes it's a crush on someone you find strangely alluring for some reason and who may not be considered conventionally attractive. Sometimes it may be on someone you know you should steer clear of and in no way am I making light of extra marital/relationship crushes or indeed condoning them but sometimes, when you spend a lot of time at work, a crush may develop and it's how far you take it that counts. Will it remain someone you just admire from afar if you're already attached, or is it someone you envision yourself driving to work with every day and sharing tales and gossip about office colleagues? This is one of the things you've probably done at work but are ashamed to admit to it.

Work Fling