11 Thrifty and Fab Gifts to Get Your Secret Santa ...

It’s that time of year again, where you pick a name from a hat, and then spend hours combing the aisles looking for gifts to get your Secret Santa! I know many work places, such as my own, celebrate the coming holidays in this way, with their employees secretly giving multiple small gifts to one another throughout the season. The gift price limit is usually quite low, as you have to do multiple gifts; mine is just $5.00! So here’s a list of inexpensive, fun gifts to get your Secret Santa this year.

1. Cold Weather Accessories

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The weather outside is frightful… so give your Secret Santa something to help them stay warm! Pretty (or manly) scarves, ear muffs, gloves; all of these make great gifts to get your Secret Santa. And depending upon where you go, they’re not expensive, either. Target is great for cute, affordable gloves and headgear. And if you’re on a $5.00 budget like me, head over to Five Below. Their scarves are super cute, and right in budget.

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