8 Time ⏰ Management πŸ—‚Tips for Working Women πŸ‘© ...

Are you looking for some time management tips for working women? Feeling like you did not accomplish everything you wanted to get done in a day, a week, or even a month is frustrating. Sometimes managing different tasks can become overwhelming. Managing your time effectively will help you feel secure in your career. Here are 8 time management tips for working women.

1. Set a Routine

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A routine is one of the best time management tips for working women. Setting a routine can help you feel organized and in control of your time. Whether you make a small consistent change to your routine, such as going to bed at the same time every night, or you make a big change in your routine such as scheduling exercise, making a change and sticking to the change will help you stay on track. Remember to think about the benefits of why you are doing the task and it will help you stay motivated.

2. Make a Calendar

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Decide whether you are a visual person or a digital person. If you like visually stimulating things you may feel satisfaction with crossing things off of your calendar or making a to do list. If you prefer digital technology to help you stay organized, there are several monthly calendar templates online where you can input your task and set reminders. If you have a smartphone you can also use your smartphone calendar for a quick view of what you have coming up.

3. Set Reminders

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Make sure you remind yourself of something coming up that you have to work on or something you have to do. Several calendar platforms offer settings where you can schedule a reminder for an event weeks in advance. Preparing for a project can make you feel ready.

4. Make Realistic Time Blocks

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When thinking about your time, consider how long it will take you to complete the project. Procrastinating can push you to feel stressed and your project may not turn out as well as you'd like. Allow yourself enough time to work solely on the project where you can avoid other distractions.

5. Discipline Yourself with Deadlines

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If you really need motivation, give yourself a completion deadline. This will be very straightforward and will set the expectation for the project. If you are working with others you can create a timeline for who will do what when. This can also be an effective way to check in with one of your team members or to check your own progress during the project.

6. Reach out to Project Contacts in Advance

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If what you are working on requires help from others make sure to send them an email and allow enough time for them to respond. If they do not respond, send them a follow-up email. Instead of waiting for an urgent response you will already have the answer when you really need it.

7. Research

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Some projects need additional research before you can dive into working on them. Give yourself enough time to research the topic. If you search the internet, interview experts, talk to tech support professionals and coworkers, you can find a way to learn more about what you are working on and how it affects your clients. This can be especially important when presenting a product.

8. Discover How You Handle Stress

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Another judge of how to work efficiently and manage your time well is how you work with stress. During a demanding project, you have to find a way to get through the work. Whether you take deep breaths or you take breaks, you have to think about how you work best. When you feel in control of your time, projects will run smoothly.

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