7 Undeniable Times Even Shy Girls Should Demand a Refund ...


7 Undeniable Times Even Shy Girls Should Demand a Refund ...
7 Undeniable Times Even Shy Girls Should Demand a Refund ...

You should never be embarrassed to demand a refund, especially when you spend your hard-earned money on things that are not what they were supposed to be. For example, when you acquire a product or a service you expect a certain level of quality, but when that quality does not rise to your expectations, then you may be entitled to a refund. Just keep in mind that not every situation qualifies and that there are times when no matter what you do, you just can’t get a refund. Also, try to ask for that refund politely and try to learn when you should stand your ground for your money back and when you should cut your losses. Here are 7 times you should not be embarrassed to demand a refund:

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Anything Unsavory or Unsanitary in Your Food

Every time you find something in your food that is not supposed to be there (like a hair or other yuck in your food), you are entitled to a refund plus a fresh new meal. Just keep in mind that accidents happened and this may be an isolated case but don’t be embarrassed to ask for your money back if this happens to you.


Items That Break Too Soon

If you buy something (no matter how expensive it is) and it breaks unreasonably soon under normal use (let’s say less than 90 days), you should take it back to the store and ask for a refund or for a replacement.


Goods That Aren’t as Advertised

False advertisement is against the law, so if you buy something that isn’t as advertised, you should ask for a refund. This basically goes for everything from children’s toys to electronics. If the item you bought should have worked in a certain way and it doesn’t, then you are entitled to get your money back.


Erroneous Charges on Your Bill

This happens all the time, so if you notice that there are some strange charges in your bill that shouldn’t be there, just go and find out what happened. Most of the time, they are simple mistakes, but you shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask for your money back, especially since it was their fault.


Hotel Rooms That Aren’t Sufficiently Clean

If you stay at a hotel and you find certain things about your room that you don’t like or that scare you, like bugs, a hair on a towel, the lack of hot or cold water, you should immediately ask for a refund. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for your money back, they are the ones who should be apologizing to you.


Groceries That Are Spoiled, Rotten or Stale

This is considered perfectly valid refund territory by most experts. If, when you get back home frin your supermarket, you realize that your groceries are stale, spoiled or even rotten, you should go back and ask for a refund right away. You shouldn’t expect anything less than the highest quality food for which you are paying.


Services That Aren’t Performed as Promised

You should know that not only tangible goods can be the subject of a refund; you can ask for your money back if the services you paid for were not performed as promised. Here you should include hair and nail salons, dog grooming facilities or even auto body shops.

There are a lot of times when someone can be entitled to a refund. I just mentioned a few in this little article, but I’m sure that there are many more I could add to this list. Do you know any other times we should demand a refund? Please tell us about them in the comments section!


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So so true it is just recently that I have had the guys to ask for a refund good post.

Yh if we r paying for it better worth it who wants to pay for garbage.

Don't be embarrassed to get a refund, why, because It's your hard-earned money!!!

Get your refund if your not 100% satisfied

We stayed in Vegas and the sheet on our bed started coming up. Well I noticed this HUGE yellow stain on my side of the bed that had soaked all the way through the mattress. It made me wonder how often they change the mattress pad, or how long it has been like that. And the fact that they didn't bother to deep clean or replace the mattress as soon as it happened is disgusting. I had no problem calling hotel management about the ordeal and they replaced the mattress for us. No shame in making sure things are sanitary if you're paying for it to be that way in the first place

The groceries, if it's veggies I wouldn't say anything because it's my own fault for choosing bad apples. Now as for the deli, if something is wrong there def. say something because you aren't the one choosing the meats out.

I have've gotten exchange on fruits! This is so important to do, they should have fresh fruits and all supermarkets are supposed to change them for you.

I don't think dog groomers should be in the list. It's too specialized.

Typo guts

I agree with channce! That is so disgusting I would have demanded a refund and shopped around for a different hotel?

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