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7 Tips for Being Thrifty with Your Money While Still Getting What You Want ...

By Fawn

I am the first person to admit that I am a cheapskate and there isn't any shame in it; I love a good deal and I'm the first person to hand out tips for being thrifty. But being thrifty doesn't mean that you can't get everything that you want. I have spent my whole adult life being thrifty and I have always been able to find exactly what I want. So without further ado, here are my tips for being thrifty without giving up what you want!

1 Buy Things Used

I seriously cannot remember the last time that I bought something big that wasn't used. You don't just have to go to thrift store or a junk yard anymore for awesomely cheap finds, now there's Craigslist, Ebay, even Amazon. Just keep searching for what you want at yard sales and online. You'll save a lot of money and there's a rush that you get when negotiating a price! That's one of the best tips for being thrifty that I can give you!

2 Wait for Sales

Seriously, everything goes on sale eventually, and every year at around the same time, the same things go on sale. For instance, if you want a new patio set next summer wait until right around September and you'll see all the patio sets drop down by about 50%. Need a new laptop? Wait until around Christmas when they start to drop the price. You may have to wait a little while but the savings are crazy, I spent less than $100 on my patio set that was originally around $400.

3 Don't Be Afraid of a Little Elbow Grease

This goes hand in hand with buying things used. I bought my son a wooden toddler bed for $5 because it was all beat up (kids are rough.) After making sure that it didn't have a recall on it, I sanded it, painted it and make it custom for my little man. It took a little work but in all I spent about $15 in supplies and for the bed. That's WAY less than it would have been if I had purchased it new. If you've got the time, a little project isn't a bad thing!

4 Use Coupons

I'm not kidding, I have coupons for just about everything. I wait for sales, use my rewards points, and coupons to get amazing deals on everything - like a Schick Hydro razor for $0.50! Coupons are a very important part of being thrifty.

5 Shop Online

I don't just mean Craigslist. You can shop online pretty much anywhere and get a better deal than you would in the store. For instance, had my son's bedding on clearance for $23 with free shipping. The cheapest bedding that they had in the store was $35. $12 may not seem like a lot but that's 2 outfits for the baby. Or a package of diapers! Online clearance usually has a much bigger selection that what they have in stores so you're bound to find more of what you want for less.

6 Check Discount Stores

I love Marshalls, Ross and TJ Maxx. You can always find what you want for way less than you would find it for at the department store. I buy everything from clothes to kitchen utensils to bedding at Ross for a fraction of what I would pay anywhere else. Always look at a discount store before you go anywhere else.

7 Have a List of What You Want to Buy

Seriously, have a list, because if you don't have a list, you always wind up buying more than you need just because it's a good deal. That's never a good idea. Little things that you don't need add up quickly, so be sure to keep your list with you whenever you shop so that you don't go overboard.

Well ladies, these are my tips for being thrifty. How do you get the most out of your money while still getting what you want? Let me know down below!

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