7 Tips for Fair Allowances for Your Kids ...


Kids’ allowance can be something that parents stress over. Trying to figure out how much allowance to give your child, how often to dole it out, and at what age you should increase it can give you a headache! But this list of tips for managing kids’ allowance will set your mind at ease and give you a general guide to stick to, so that you know you’re not over-indulging or being too stingy. Keep on reading to make sure you and your kids are both satisfied with their allowances!

1. Keep It Simple

When determining kids’ allowance, there is no need for complicated processes. Keep it simple to save your sanity! Decide whether you want to pay allowances weekly or monthly, and choose a method for passing out the dollars. It could be an envelope system, a piggy bank, or even a pre-loaded bank-card (for older kids). Pick something that works efficiently for you and your family.

Be Practical
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