8 Tips for Finding the Right House to Buy ...


8 Tips for Finding the Right House to Buy ...
8 Tips for Finding the Right House to Buy ...

Buying a house is such a massive commitment that you need tips for finding the right house for you. It's not like buying a pair of shoes; you can't return the house if you change your mind! There are so many factors to consider - how much can you afford? Should you buy the smaller house nearer work, or go for more space, even if that doubles your commute? It's so confusing! So follow these tips for finding the right house …

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Take Your Time

The first of my tips for finding the right house is to take your time about choosing it. You're thinking about spending a huge amount of money, after all. It's the largest financial commitment you'll ever make and you'll be paying a lot of interest if you have a mortgage.


Know Your Priorities

Work out what matters to you (and your partner, if you're buying together). Is the area a priority? Do you want space for hobbies, a garden, room for a future family? Or would you be happier with a smaller apartment in the city, close to work and nightlife? If so, don't let anyone talk you into buying a house in the suburbs that would make you miserable.



Unless you're lucky enough to have unlimited funds, you'll almost certainly have to make some compromises. So if you want space, for example, you might have to forget buying in your preferred area. If your budget won't stretch to everything you want, you'll have to decide what you're prepared to sacrifice and what you can't do without.


Be Realistic

It's essential when buying a house to be realistic. We'd all love to be able to find the perfect home, but it probably doesn't exist. You'll also view a lot of houses before you finally find one to buy. Think carefully about what you can afford, research the area and the market thoroughly, and be prepared for a LOT of stress!


Think Long Term

Never buy a house if you only intend to stay there for a few years. Renting will be much more flexible if you may need to move in the short term. The costs and hassles of buying, selling and moving are considerable, so only buy if you can foresee yourself living in the house for several years. Ask yourself if it meets your long-term needs.


Can You Afford It?

You might be able to afford the house on your current income, but what if you lose your job or start a family? Can you afford the mortgage if interest rates rise? What if you have health problems that keep you off work? Plan for every possibility, and never buy a house that will suck up all your disposable income.



For most people, choosing a nice area is very important. Nobody wants to live in an area where they feel unsafe. Also look at amenities, transport and distance from work. If you have a family, or plan to start one, schools and childcare will also be a factor.


Keep a Cool Head

Finally, keep a cool head when buying a house. Don't let your heart take over, or you risk making a costly mistake. Although it's important to feel at home, you should always bear in mind that this is a transaction. Never make any impulsive decisions or let anyone rush you.

Choosing a home is exciting, but it will also affect your life in many ways. So it's important to think carefully and make smart choices. As we've seen in recent years, buying a house can be an expensive mistake that will haunt you for years. Learn about the market in your area, read as much as you can, and take your time to pick the right house for you. If you've bought a house, what do you wish you'd known beforehand?

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Everything's a factor. What you can afford, the area ( certain places are more expensive than others), community & your hobbies ( last priority).

I think #5 isn't a fair point. It should be a matter of priority....I just bought a house and will likely be moving within the year because the market went up. For me, I think about market value and getting to retirement quicker, rather than long term. Everyone has different priorities and #5 should be encapsulated in that point.

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