9 Tips for Shopping on EBay ...


9 Tips for Shopping on EBay ...
9 Tips for Shopping on EBay ...

Tips for shopping on eBay can be a lifesaver if you’re about to make a large purchase! And quite truthfully, the little things matter just as much! If you don’t have any eBay shopping tips, you may end up getting burned out on eBay by a bad experience, completely write it off, and decide that you don’t ever want to shop eBay again. You would truly miss out on some fantastic opportunities if this happened! Before you make a purchase on eBay, rather large or small, you need to read my list of tips for shopping on eBay to ensure your quality experience!

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Check the Seller's Feedback

It’s always in your best interest to check the seller’s feedback before proceeding with any kind of sale. If the person you would like to purchase from has little or no feedback, you should avoid making any kind of large and expensive purchases from them such as iPads, or expensive jewelry or perfumes. Of course we all have to start somewhere in building up our credit, so if the item you would like to buy is of no consequence and inexpensive, give it a try.


Check the Seller's Location

When shopping on eBay, as a general rule of thumb I try to avoid international sellers. This isn’t to say that international sellers are all out to rip you off. But I have had a few bad experiences with buying and selling internationally. Shipping is always more expensive, plus there are guidelines to be followed if you have to return the item you bought. And often times, you will find that international sellers are only selling cheap $5 items at triple the price to make a profit.


Carefully Study Item Pictures

Most eBay sellers will provide pictures of the item they want to sell. One of my top tips for shopping on eBay is to carefully scrutinize each picture to make sure the item is in good shape and is authentic. Ask the seller to provide a picture if there is none posted, or more pictures if you feel it’s necessary. Most people will gladly oblige!


Get All Details You Can

An eBay shopping tip I’d like to share with you is to remember that as you’re the buyer, you are in control. There’s no one pushing you into a sale, and no pressure to buy. Take your time and make sure that you thoroughly read the description of the item being sold. Careless and haphazard decisions to buy something before being completely informed can result in you receiving an item that is missing parts, defective, or broken when you thought you were buying something brand new! Use the option to contact the seller if you have any questions regarding the item.


Make a Few Small Purchases Right Away

If you have just opened up your eBay account, consider this tip for shopping on eBay. Purchase a few small items right away, and pay for them promptly. This will allow you to build credit, thus making your future transactions go much more quickly and smoothly. Sellers will sometimes block or refuse bids from buyers with little or no credit if you are bidding on an expensive or valuable item.


Compare in Store Prices

One of my top tips for shopping on eBay is to always compare in-store prices with eBay prices. For example, if you are shopping for a coach purse, check your local mall or outlet stores first. Sometimes, with sales and coupons or in-store offers, you can get a better price with buying in-store as opposed to eBay. Make sure to check before you buy. If you’re like me, saving $20-$50+ bucks makes a difference!


Buy in Bulk

One of the things I love about eBay is that it’s easy to buy in bulk for great deals. I love to use name brand hair products, and they can get pricey in salons. But I’ve discovered that I can buy a package of two or more of my favorite products on eBay for the price of one in the salon! Buying in bulk is good because you get more for your money, and most sellers will combine shipping. Search words like “Lot” “Huge Lot” Bag of…” or “Pile of…” followed by the item you want. You can find mega deals!


Look for Free Shipping

I’ve noticed that shipping can really gouge your wallet when shopping on eBay. You might find a dress for $5 but with $10 shipping charges you end up shelling out $15. And when you can shop in a store, and actually see and try on a dress for $15, who would pick eBay over that! The way to get around this predicament is to look for free shipping. I like to specify in the search criteria that I only want free shipping. Another way to handle shipping charges is to buy several things from one seller and see if they will combine shipping for you. Then, you still pay shipping but you are getting enough items that it’s worth it.


Be Courteous

My final eBay shopping tip is to always be courteous no matter what. Even if you are dealing with someone who seems a little rude, or if you have a less than desirable experience, try to be polite about it. Always leave feedback when dealing with someone; you would want the same courtesy! Stay in touch with buyers or sellers throughout the process, and do your part to make the transaction go as smoothly as possible. If you must leave a negative token, try to reach the seller or buyer first and work it out. And always, be polite!

I hope that my list of tips for shopping on eBay helps you to have a great experience, whether you’re a first time buyer or an old pro. I know that I continually learn things about buying on eBay and I have been using eBay for years now! Remember to always use caution when shopping on eBay, because even if you follow all my tips for shopping on eBay, a great experience isn’t always guaranteed. Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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