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If you’ve just been offered the job you’ve always dreamed of, you should know how to negotiate a job offer. This is important to know so you won’t jump to accept any offer passed across the table, especially when you can obtain something that will satisfy your financial needs as well. Knowing how to negotiate a job offer takes a bit of hard work and practice, since it does require some preparation and strategy. Learn how to put the ball in your court by paying attention to these next very effective tips on how to negotiate a job offer:

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Set Yourself up for Success

One of the first things you should do if you want to learn how to negotiate a job offer is to set yourself up for success. Find out all there is to know about that position, since it’s very important to know what you have to work with when you are offered a job. Find out what the salary is, if you will receive extra bonuses or if you have any paid vacation time.


Thank the Employer for the Offer

Always thank the employer for the offer, no matter how horrible that offer is. Try to appear gracious, well-mannered and thankful when you accept any offer. Try not to look disappointed if you didn’t manage to get what you wanted and you had to settle for less after all.


Know Your Strengths

When you are negotiating a job offer, make sure you know what your strengths and differentiators are. More precisely, what are the qualities that make you special, unique and different from everyone else? You have a lot of resources that you should be aware of, so focus on your skills and start negotiating!


Be Prepared to Deal with an Initially Low Offer

Most career experts say that you should always be prepared to deal with an initially low salary offer. They also say that you shouldn’t make the assumption that they are trying to give you less money than you deserve. Sometimes they just need to be reminded of how much value you can bring to their company.


Don’t Negotiate for the Sake of Negotiating

Try to move past your ego and don’t negotiate just for the sake of negotiating. Don’t be arrogant and back up all your arguments with facts. Let go of your pride and do what’s best for you and for your career.


Research the Competition

Do your research and find out how much the competition is willing to offer someone for the same position. This will provide you with leverage during negotiations and you will seem informed at the same time. However, you should take into consideration that every job can offer you different perks and benefits, so try not to neglect those things either.


Ask for a Precise Number

When you ask for your salary, try asking for a precise number. Studies show that people who ask for a precise salary (instead of just asking a round figure) are perceived by their employers to better know their worth. Also, a precise number tells people that you’ve done your research and that you have specific knowledge of how much other companies will offer you to do that job.

You have all you need to achieve all your objectives, so just start negotiating! Do you know any other tips on how to negotiate a job offer? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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