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Important Tips to Prevent Your Home from Being Burglarized ...

By Lauren

Wherever you live, whatever the size of your home, you are a potential target for thieves so every household should be aware of how to prevent your home from being burglarized. Every break in is hugely disquieting at minimum, traumatic at its worse. Your property has been invaded and your sanctum intruded upon. Take note of how to prevent your home from being burglarized to at least minimize the risk and not be a target.

1 Get a Dog

dog, mammal, vertebrate, street dog, dog breed group, Not only are dogs man’s (or woman’s!) best friend, they are also the top of this list of how to prevent your home from being burglarized. Why? Because regardless of the dog, research has shown that burglars are less likely to try to enter any home with a dog. The reason isn’t simply because they are scared of being bitten, but that dogs will often make a lot of noise and alert their owners to an intrusion – a loveable burglar alarm.

2 Lock Your Windows and Doors

room, lighting, You might be thinking that this tip is obvious, but police have claimed that the most effective way to prevent your home from being targeted by burglars is to have visible locks on your doors and windows. Deadbolts are the most effective locks, as any burglar will have to make a lot of noise to enter your property.

3 Purchase Smart Light Bulbs

room, property, house, floor, home, Burglars don’t want to enter a home which has occupants, especially if those occupants are awake. By using smart light bulbs, you can help secure your home from burglars by creating the illusion that you are in your home. There are some great smartphone apps which sync with these smart light bulbs, so that you can have them periodically activate. When it comes to prevention, these bulbs – although pricey – can be very effective.

4 Put a Mannequin in the Window

color, clothing, red, beauty, arm, A slightly low-tech alternative to the smart light bulbs, you could try placing a mannequin – or a human-like shape – in your windows. It might be best to put the doll in an upstairs window, so that it’s not too obvious that you have a mannequin on display, but if you want a cheap way to secure your home this might be up your street.

5 Park outside Your House

cartoon, play, screenshot, games, Cars indicate that people are inside a house, and so try to leave your car on display, rather than in a garage or parked down the street. If you have a driveway, use it to your advantage to deter potential thieves. Of course you do have to weigh up the possibility that your car will get stolen or damaged, especially when left for days on end, but it might help to protect your home from burglars.

6 Trim Your Bushes

screenshot, anime, If you keep nagging your other half to trim the hedges, convince him that an unruly front lawn can provide excellent coverage for burglars. Make sure that your house is clearly visible from the sidewalk, so that passersby and neighbors can see (and report) anyone who is suspiciously inspecting your window hinges or door locks.

7 Don’t Show off Your Expensive Items

performance art, fashion, musical theatre, fashion design, Far too many people make the mistake of showing off their brand new LCD televisions and games consoles. If your window fronts out onto the sidewalk, be especially careful. Perhaps put up some blinds to obscure the view, or simply more such items into cabinets where they cannot be seen. Also make sure that you don’t leave the boxes that such items came in out for the garbage trucks – all it takes is someone to see the remnants of your latest Amazon order outside to know exactly what you are hiding within.

8 Order a Security System Sign

logo, text, font, circle, brand, Even if you can’t quite afford a comprehensive security system installed, if you are looking for how to prevent your home from being burglarized the answer might be as simple as putting up signs from security companies. Safety is all about illusions, and so if burglars think they might set off an alarm, they are likely to give your house a miss. This method isn’t quite as foolproof as actually having an alarm system fitted, so be mindful!

9 Have a Persuasive Doormat

text, font, brand, calligraphy, number, To keep burglars away from your house, you might consider purchasing the “Our neighbors have better stuff” doormat. While not ethical, it might just work! A bit throw away but essentially, it’s saying to just let thieves know they aren’t welcome here.

Have you ever had to deal with the trauma of your home being burglarized?

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