7 Tips to Get Cheaper Car Insurance ...


Do you need some tips to get cheaper car insurance? It's essential to have a good policy that covers you for theft and damage to your own car or someone else's, but insurance can be a very costly aspect of running a car. Fortunately there are a number of ways in which you can bring down the cost of your policy. Here are some tips to get cheaper car insurance …

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Cheaper Car

The first of my tips to get cheaper car insurance is to lower your expectations and opt for a cheaper car. As much as you'd like an expensive new model, it will be correspondingly pricey to insure. Buy a cheaper second-hand model instead. This is a good way to build up your insurance history if you are new to driving.


Shop around

Always shop around when your policy renewal is imminent, rather than sticking with the same company. Insurers rely on people being lazy and automatically renewing their policy, which can be an expensive mistake as it's rarely the most economical route. Look at other insurers to find the best deal, as they usually offer a good deal to get your custom.


Use Comparison Sites

Putting your details into a comparison site can help you find the best deal, especially if you compare them to your current policy. These tools are designed to save you money, and you could find that other insurers will offer you much better deals than your existing one.


Advanced Course

Insurers will often offer cheaper policies to anyone who has passed an advanced driving test or course. This could be especially valuable to anyone who's a new, inexperienced driver, as new drivers will usually be charged quite a lot more due to their lack of experience on the roads. Doing an extra course shows that you are committed to improving your driving skills and being safe on the roads.


Reduced Mileage

Drivers in the US often do high mileage, given the distances involved in traveling, but if your annual mileage is lower, you may be able to get a cheaper policy. This is because if you travel fewer miles, the likelihood of an accident is reduced. Check if insurers offer a cheaper policy with a mileage cap for drivers who use their car less.


Ask Your Insurer

As well as looking at other insurers when your policy comes up for renewal, ask your current insurers if they can offer you a competitive quote. If they are keen to retain your business - and it is usually more profitable to keep an existing client than to have to find new ones - they may well match or undercut other quotes you've been offered.


Garage Your Car

Finally, if you have access to a drive or secure garage then inform your insurers that you will be keeping your car there. The extra security may mean that your quote is cheaper, as your car is at less risk of theft.

There are lots of ways in which you can reduce your car insurance, the key one being to always shop around. Never be tempted to let your insurance lapse or lie to your insurers, as this could invalidate a claim or even be a criminal offence. What would your dream car be?

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