7 Top Signs That a Pink Slip is Coming ...

By Valencia

7 Top Signs That a Pink Slip is Coming ...

If you work for a company, there are signs that a pink slip is coming. No one wants to imagine losing a job. You need a job to pay bills, save for retirement and handle other financial obligations. But despite your responsibilities, pink slips are common in the business world. Here are seven signs that a pink slip is coming.

Table of contents:

  1. your company has financial problems
  2. your company recently merged with another company
  3. the conversation stops when you enter the room
  4. your boss is acting weird
  5. you see an ad for your job
  6. your tasks dwindle
  7. you had a bad performance review

1 Your Company Has Financial Problems

Financial problems or complaining about money are signs that a pink slip is coming. Unfortunately, if your employer is dealing with severe economic hardships due to slow business and low revenue, there's a chance that the company will lay off employees to keep the business open. And when a company is forced to lay off employees, no one is really safe.

2 Your Company Recently Merged with Another Company

You can be a stellar employee who always receives excellent performance reviews. However, if your company merges with another company, you might receive a pink slip. This has nothing to do with your performance. The other company might have workers already in place; therefore, they have to let go of the old, to make room for the new.

3 The Conversation Stops when You Enter the Room

If your boss and coworkers are acting strange around you, and you can't put your finger on the issue, there's a chance that a pink slip is coming your way. Not to make you paranoid, because there's a chance that they might simply be discussing a personal matter. However, if this situation happens on several occasions, there’s probably more to the story.

4 Your Boss is Acting Weird

If you have a good working relationship with your boss, yet he or she suddenly becomes distant or avoids conversations with you, there's a chance that lay offs are coming down the pipe, and maybe your name has been brought up. If your boss has been instructed not to mention anything, this can put him in an uncomfortable situation, and to avoid any awkwardness, it might be easier for him to avoid you.

5 You See an Ad for Your Job

If you stumble upon job boards and see your company advertising for your position, there's a good chance that your company is thinking about replacing you. This might be especially true if your boss hasn't mentioned anything about adding to the staff. Of course, there's also a chance that job postings simply suggest that your boss is looking to add new employees to lighten everyone's load.

6 Your Tasks Dwindle

If you normally have a busy work schedule, and suddenly your boss starts delegating a large percentage of your work to other employees, be worried. There may not be an underlying issue if you're still relatively busy during the day. But if you spend the majority of your days twiddling your thumbs and looking for ways to stay busy, there's a chance that your boss is preparing for your departure.

7 You Had a Bad Performance Review

When giving performance reviews, bosses typically mention the good and the bad. With any job, there's always room for improvement. However, if your performance review was 90% bad, there’s a chance that your boss will replace you if things don't improve fast.

In this day and age, most people cannot afford to lose their job. It can take on average up to seven months to find a job after being unemployed; and since unemployment compensation is typically about 1/3 of someone’s regular salary, most people need to find a job quickly. What are other signs that a pink slip is coming?

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