9. Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap

Lastly, we all know gift wrap is a go-to item for the dollar store. It’s one reason they put it in the front of the store, after all. If you’re out on the go, on your way to a shower or party, and need to pick up cute, inexpensive gift wrap, just head into Dollar General, or your local dollar store.

They have even cuter varieties than most supercenters do, and you won’t pay an arm and a leg for something that ends up in the trash anyway.

Saving money however I can is something I’m all for. Over the years, shopping at Dollar General and other dollar stores has helped me save quite a few pennies and more. Don’t be afraid to pop in and see what you can find in your local store either. What’s your favorite thing to buy at the dollar store?

Sources: dollargeneral.com

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