8 Top Tips for Dealing with Customer Services ...


8 Top Tips for Dealing with Customer Services ...
8 Top Tips for Dealing with Customer Services ...

Making customer service complaints can be the start of a time-consuming and stressful path. Good customer service isn’t an oxymoron. It’s still possible to get the desired level of response even whilst lodging customer service complaints. The most important thing is to be logical and follow a process, in exactly the same way the customer service advisor will. Just because Here are 8 Top tips for Dealing with Customer Services:

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Be Friendly

It might be tempting to go in with all guns blazing, but this decreases the chances of having customer service complaints dealt with efficiently and politely. . If the individual is listening to someone screaming down the phone then why would they put any effort in to help? Remember, customer service complaints are all about being negative about a specific company or product and doesn’t mean that the customer service advisor has personally done anything wrong. Give them a chance to help you.


Be Smart

We all know how incredibly frustrating it is to be involved in long calls about customer service complaints only to be cut off or to find you have to call again a few days later. Ask who you are speaking to. If possible ask them for their direct line number so if necessary, you can go straight through to them if you have to call back. Make sure they have your number and let them know they can call you back. Always make a note of any reference numbers or case IDs.



One of the key points in knowing how to deal with customer services is that the representative on the other end of the phone may not have the expertise to deal with a complex complaint. Don’t jeopardize the chances of good customer service by berating them. Recognize when you have gone as far as you can go with an advisor and then escalate it by asking to speak to somebody higher up.


Social Media

There have been a few stories about bloggers posting their horror stories and then bringing big companies down to the ground. These are rare, but they really do happen. If a complaint hasn’t been resolved then target the company’s social media accounts and direct the complaints there. It may or may not work, but it’s something that can make the world of difference if it does.


Keep to Facts

The customer service department only deals in facts and they can’t resolve anything without them. Don’t over exaggerate and don’t attempt to bring any wrath down upon them because of something that was completely out of their control. Facts are king. Have all the pertinent details to hand when you make your call, and make sure your complaint is real and relevant.



Knowing how to get good customer service involves you listening as much as telling your side of the story. There have been countless occasions where a consumer has screamed and ranted only to discover that their issue wasn’t actually down to anything the company did. They found this out after the company told their side of the story. Avoid embarrassment by asking for their interpretation of the situation.


Know What You Want

Resolution of customer service complaints means making sure the representative knows what remedial action you expect. If it’s a refund that’s wanted then say so, if it’s a replacement or a discount, say so – and be reasonable in your expectations. That means there’s a target and it’s a point that can be worked towards by both parties.


Go to the Top

If there’s nothing good coming out of the customer service representative then take it to the top. Most companies will have an executive headquarters, so take the complaint there. It might be a case of writing a detailed letter or email, but they will usually be more receptive in order to avoid any bad publicity. There has been a history of customer service complaints being resolved positively at this level of the hierarchy.

Remember that resolving customer service complaints is something that takes two to tango. Take into account the person on the other end of customer service complaints. Stay cool and don’t get angry because that achieves little.

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