7 Top US Cities for New Jobs in 2014 ...

If you are fed up of the doom and gloom of the economic news, are struggling to find or change employment, you might like to hear something positive, so I’m bringing you the list of top US cities for new jobs in 2014. This list is compiled annually by various organizations and most of them concur on the results. I’m taking mine from Nerdwallet.com. Here is their 7 top US cities for new jobs in 2014:-

1. Fort Worth, Texas

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Texas holds a large number of the best US cities to find new jobs in 2014. Fort Worth is located 30 miles from Dallas, and in 2014 this city’s manufacturing industry and government sector are in full swing. The biggest employees of the city are Lockheed Martin (the fighter jet manufacturer, famous for the fighter jets Lighting and Fighting Falcon) and American Airlines. This is a good place to investigate if you are searching for employment in either of these two industries or if you want to work at one of the world’s busiest airports. Plenty of career training is also provided in the area. Check out the CCI Career Training Center.

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