7 Tops Ways to Fight Burnout and Maintain Your Sanity ...


If you’re overwhelmed and looking for ways to fight burnout, this post is for you. You may love what you do, but given how there are only so many hours in a day, too many assignments can affect your mental health. However, there is help. Here are seven ways to fight burnout and maintain your sanity.

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Take a Vacation

If you're looking for ways to fight burnout, make use of any available vacation days. The weekends don’t always provide enough time to recharge. To fully rejuvenate, you may need several days off from work. This can be a staycation or a few days away from home. Whatever you do, make sure you leave your problems at the office. This means no work calls or work emails - if possible.


Scale Back to 40 Hours a Week

Maybe the issue isn’t your actual assignment, but rather the number of hours you work each week. A typical full-time work week is 40 hours. If you’re pulling 50 or 60 hours on a regular basis, this can take a toll on your mental and physical health. You may deal with headaches, irritability and brain fog. Speak with your boss and mention your need to work less hours. You may start to feel better after a couple of weeks.


Learn How to Say No

If you already have a lot on your plate, any new assignment can push you over the edge. However, your boss may not fully understand the pressure you’re under, and continue to throw work your way. Speak up and express your limitations. By keeping silent, he or she may assume that you’re okay with added assignments and projects.


Get Plenty of Sleep

There is a connection between stress and burnout, and sleeping fewer than eight hours a night can increase your stress level. You may not be able to choose your responsibilities at work, but you can choose what time you go to bed each night. If you can improve the quality of your sleep, you’ll be able to cope with the day’s responsibility. To sleep better, don’t drink caffeine two or three hours before bedtime, avoid stimulating activity before bed and create a comfortable sleep environment (turn off lights, television and radio).


Exercise More

Just like adequate sleep, exercising is an effective stress reducer. Even if you cannot devote a lot of time to exercise, aim for at least 30 minutes of activity most days of the week. It doesn’t have to be boring workouts. Go for a jog, take a walk, ride your bike or play sports.


Get an Assistant

If you're self-employed, check your budget to see if you can hire a part-time assistant to help with some of your daily assignments. This can be in-house help or a virtual assistant. As an employee, speak with your boss and see if the company can hire someone part-time to help with the work load.


Look for Another Job

Given how tough it is to find employment today, you’re no doubt thankful to have a job. But this doesn’t mean you should let a position send you to an early grave. If you’ve taken the above steps, yet you can’t shake burnout, it’s time to hang up this job and look elsewhere.

Because burnout is so common, you may shrug it off or believe it’s simply part of the job. But you don’t have to feel this way on an everyday basis. What steps have you taken to fight burnout?

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