7 Unusual Signs of Economy Crisis ...


7 Unusual Signs of Economy Crisis ...
7 Unusual Signs of Economy Crisis ...

Economy Crisis is definitely taking its toll, new taxes are piling and the money is not getting any better – nothing new, I guess. But, did you notice how every single person on TV chooses complicated, barely understandable terms to discuss this global phenomenon? Do they secretly hope that’s enough to trick a vast number of people or are they just trying to cover up the fact that they don’t have anything new to say? Well, I’m going to be dealing with the issue of economy crisis today and I’m going to make it really simple by revealing some, less-known, very interesting signs of economy crisis:

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Nail Polish Sales Sky Rocket

Yeah, it does sound pretty whacked but the numbers don’t lie which means women tend to buy nail polish more often during financially troubling times! Rouge or lipstick, if you prefer, used to be the main “crisis” indicator some time ago but the recent trends have shown that women have managed to find an even cheaper alternative that allows them to look good even during hard times.


Online Dating Sites Are Thriving

Similis Simili Gaudet, or in plain, everyday English – Misery loves company! We all like to whine occasionally, no secret there, but using it as a pick up line and the keyword here is “successfully”… well nothing spells CRISIS better than this one! Going out to clubs has become an expensive sport these days which means more and more people are deciding to “sit this one out” in times when they are not 100% sure they’ll score a point.


Sexy Waitresses Are Everywhere

When I first started hanging out with my fiancé’s friends and spending time in the coffee shop they always but ALWAYS go to, most waitresses were indeed young and hot but they definitely had clothes on. The materials started getting thinner and thinner, the garments shorter and shorter until I saw one of them wearing something that can be best described as backless vest with nothing but a bra underneath which was literally showing from all angles! Economy experts claim this is not unusual since coffee shops depend on their customers and their will to pay for something that can easily make at home. And you know what they say, “if there is a motive, there is a will”! So, if you really want to see how well are you and your fellow citizens managing to deal with economy crises, visit a popular coffee shop and check out the waitresses as well as the clothes they’re wearing!


Men Start Thinking Twice before Buying New Underwear

If your significant other likes useful gifts and you happen to notice that he could really use some new underwear, feel free to surprise him with this simple and yet much needed gift. Experts say men are not really keen on wasting money on new underwear during economy crisis and since nobody really knows how long we will have to suffer the effects of our prior rented luxury, I suggest you get him a 5 pack right now.


Divorce Lawyers Start Rubbing Their Hands

Imagine Mr. Burns saying “Excellent!” – well that’s exactly what every divorce lawyer in the world is thinking right now and they have every reason to hope these next couple of years will be good. Why? Because people tend to divorce often during hard times. Hey, don’t blame them – who knew “for better or worse” involves economy crisis, too?


People “Forget” to Claim Their Deceased

Okay, this might easily be one of the strangest, weirdest, most shocking indicators that the economy crisis is taking its toll but I simply had to mention it, as it’s real and is probably happening all around you. Since buying a plot, organizing a funeral and having a tomb stone made costs a fortune even without all the taxes and fees people need to pay for the legal mumbo jumbo, the ones dealing with serious financial problems often decide being homeless, hungry, declaring bankruptcy (or all of the above) is much worse than “forgetting” to claim their dead family members.


Fashion Becomes Gloomy

Listen to this – male undies are not the only thing that tends to turn gray during the hard times! You might not be able to notice it at first, but both sales and fashion experts have already spotted a pattern. So, if you want to make sure you’re doing business with a company that actually does well, take a look at the ties your future business partners are wearing. If the colors seems nice, happy and vibrant – they are definitely doing well and in case all you can see is gray, black or brown, be aware, as there is a deeply worried person hiding under that confident, well build facade. Oh, yeah – did you notice that mid-calf is the most suggested skirt length for the season? Yup, that also has something do to with the crisis. Economist say women opt for longer skirts because they can be altered later while fashion experts at Glamour suggest that has more to do with a state of mind and the need to cover yourself up whenever you feel insecure.

Interesting, huh? Yes, it certainly explains a lot and clearly demonstrates that scary economy crisis is affecting us more than we thought! Have you ever noticed these signs before and did it ever occur to you that all these have something do with economy crisis?

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jelena - this is a very insightful and honest post, one from a different angle and fresh position. I too look for the not so obvious signs like increase in movie ticket sales, increase in late vehicle registrations in parking lots and increase in weekday surfers on the coast. I agree with you this crisis continues. Good write!

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