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In the movie version of your life, the heroine (you) always has valid reasons to leave your job. While standing on your desk yelling to a room full of co-workers that you quit seems like a great idea every Monday morning, it might not always be the best way of handling things. Before you bash the printer in and tell you boss where they can stuff it, take a look at these valid reasons to leave your job.

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You’re Not Advancing

If you started a job to move up the ladder, and you haven’t moved anywhere but from one desk to another during a coffee break, this is definitely one of the most valid reasons to leave your job. When you’ve worked hard and been vocal to your superiors about advancing, but still keep getting the same old excuses for staying where you are, it might be time to move on.


You’ve Become Comfortable

If you’ve been putting up with a job that was supposed to be temporary, and you now realize that you’re approaching year seven in it, it’s definitely time to leave. Some jobs are transition jobs. If your transition job has become an excuse or is hindering you from having the career that you really want, it’s time to take that leap of faith. It might be scary now, but you’ll be happier in the long run.


It’s Eating Your Soul

When we’re just starting out, it’s almost assumed that we will have difficult jobs, with crazy bosses and be treated poorly. If you find yourself relating too much to Andy from The Devil Wears Prada, and sacrificing your life on the hopes that you might advance, this is definitely not a good thing. Unless, there’s a signed contract stating you will have your dream job in X amount of time, don’t sacrifice your sanity on the hopes that it will lead you to where you want to be. It probably won’t.


You’ve Hit a Glass Ceiling

You’ve done everything right. You’ve worked your butt off and you’re almost there except for one thing: you’ve stalled. If you’ve hit a glass ceiling in a company, it might be time to have your work ethic and talents recognized elsewhere.


You Want to Raise Your Baby

When your career has been your baby for so long, having an actual baby can make it hard to decide whether to stay working or take time off. If you’ve realized that you’re ready to take time off from your career to have children, know that doing what’s best for you and your family is always the right decision.


You’ve Grown out of It

If your career just doesn’t give you the thrill it once did, and it’s become nothing but punching a time clock, it’s probably time to go. Not everyone is lucky enough to get to be a rock star or Oscar winning actress, but when you spend the majority of your day somewhere, you should enjoy it.


You Want a Career Change

Whether you’re ready to go back to school or you want to try something completely different, it’s time to do it. There’s no time like the present and the sooner you put the wheels in motion, the faster you’re going to get to where you really want to be. If you’ve always wanted to be something other than what you’re doing now, research the best way of going about it and start.

When you know you’re ready to leave your job you know. Before yelling "I quit!" at the top of your lungs, make sure to do your homework so that transitioning from one job to the next can be a fun experience, not one riddled with fear or doubt. Have you recently left your job? Tell me your reasons!

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yea i just did left my job and in search for a new one. i left becaua

How about when we want to change but we are not sure in which direction? I for example did my BS in management and then MSc in banking and finance and now realised Im not keen on this, and the job I chose was just a stepping stop and Ive been there for almost one year after I finished uni and is just so deadly boring. I realise i am not living in my full capacity, I am energetic and very determined if I like and want to do something. Any comment or advices are more then welcome! X Oria

Stepping stone*

I've been at my job that started out as something what was supposed to hold me out for a year just until I graduated -- I've currently been there for four years. I'm grateful to have a job, when so few do, but it is completely eating my soul! I'll be leaving soon though, God willing. I'm young enough to make these mistakes, but it's shown me how easy it is for adults end up at a job they hate for 30 years, in what seems like the blink of the eye!

My current job is suffocating the life out of me....yes, i am very grateful of this company big time because it has given me what i want & has let me realize & learn a lot of things in life but i believe i am going nowhere...i am unhappy! I am always complaining.. Been trying to contemplate & tried to stay for 2years but it still is the same..i still ended up complaining more and more...it's really time to move out before it gets worst!

because i was doing all the work in the team and was treated poorly..i started to feel unhappy and quit immediately after. but i never regret the decision although i am still in search for another job

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